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There are a lot of "vintage eBay auctions". The following are some items I think you need to add to your watch list that could be on the rise in terms of selling prices. It would have been really easy to add the vintage Atari 2600 auctions but there are a lot of them on eBay and I wanted items a little more scarce. Factors you need to understand about auctions on eBay is that prices are factored by supply, demand and condition. I am picking items where the supply is not that plentiful, demand could be on the rise and mint condition could be rare. I am sure there are more products out there that could be added to the list. These are the vintage eBay auctions I am going to be watching in the future:

Apple Computers

This is a no brainer. The popularity of Apple products could not be higher at this time. The Silicon Valley nerds making a ton of money are going to start feeling nostalgic and want the 1st Mac computer in some display case to show off the same way people hang Picasso's on their wall. Try finding a mint 1st Mac computer. Who would buy one of these in the 80's and not use it? At the time of this article the highest price for a completed auction was $459. I think someday the 1st Macintosh could sell for 10 times this amount.

vintage auctions apple computers

Brick Cell Phones

Primarily manufactured from 1983 to 1994. If you owned a brick cell phone back in the day it was thought that you had money and girls would flock around you. Like every product in this list why would you own one of these and not use it? As i write this article on eBay an extra thick brick cell phone sold for $825.

vintage auctions bricket cell phones

Boom Boxes

If you grew up in the 1980's you wanted to own the biggest boom box on the block. Who wasn't envious of Radio Raheem's boom box that he carried down the street in Spike Lee's movie Do the Right Thing? I recently watched an episode of Pawn Stars where they paid someone $250 for their boom box. Go get your cardboard and spin around on your head because these babies are coming back!

vintage auctions boom boxes

Sony Walkman

In the 1980's owning the Sony Walkman would be the equivalent of having an iPod today. Before the Walkman how did people enjoy going out for a jog? My favorite Sony Walkman was the WM-W800. One just sold on eBay for $100. I guess I will have to settle for my iPhone with MP3's and iHeartRadio.

vintage auctions sony walkman

Rotary Telephone

Back in 1988 I bought a cordless phone and my friend asked if he could have my rotary telephone. It was pretty old and looked like something a Ralph Lauren fanatic would put in their bedroom. I am seeing these phones sell on eBay for better than $100.

vintage auctions rotary telephone

BMX Bikes

Back in the 1980's I owned every version of the Haro Master there was. For the 1980's Haro Master you can find just the frame and forks selling for upward of $1,500. In 1985 if you owned a Hutch Trick Star with Aero Speed cranks and rode it once and stuck the thing in your attic you could probably get upwards of $4,000 for that bike. The bike in this picture at auction probably would get better than $100,000.

vintage auctions bmx bikes

Table Hockey

No ice skates needed here! Although I never owned one of these my best friend did. We used to play this game non-stop for hours and although my friend would never admit it I was the king of this game. These are selling for upwards of $250.

vintage auctions table hockey

Concert Shirts

I was recently down in Florida and went to some vintage clothing store and saw an AC-DC shirt selling for $150. I could not believe my eyes. I went online to eBay to find a Led Zeppelin shirt had sold for $435! Bob Dylan $373! The Clash $306!

vintage auctions concert shirts

8 Track Players

Popular in the 1960's through the late 1970's the 8 track player succumbed to the cassette player. I remember going into my sister's room to listen to one of her 8 Tracks only to find I could not get to the song. This was the most annoying musical device ever. Kids brought up in this generation are so spoiled. I just so a sweet Akai GXR 82D 8 track player sell for $280. Who bought this and why?

vintage auctions 8 track players

Vintage Nike Air Jordans

When Michael Jordan teamed up with Nike no one ever imagined that their partnership would produce the most famous sneaker in the world. Like anything on the collectible market condition drives price. If you bought a pair of Nike sneakers and never wore them and just discovered them in your closet don't throw them away. They can fetch as much as $700 in auction if they are in mint condition. Even on OG pair of Nike Air Jordans that are in just good condition can fetch well over $100.

vintage nike air jordans

Commodore 64

In case you can't afford an original Picasso you can buy a nice lithograph. If you can't afford the 1st Mac the Commodore 64 will have to do. I had one of these and could not program with one of these to save my life. They sell for about $150 but if you wanted to buy the expansion 100 MB hard drive one just sold on eBay for $485. To store my 900 GB database on the Commodore 64 I could partition out the files and indexes and at $485 per 100 MB hard drive it would cost me $4,469,760 to store all that data.

vintage auctions commodore 64

Disclaimer: The information published here is strictly for informational purposes. All sellers are encouraged to conduct their own market and product research.

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