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RankTop ProductsAuctionsList PriceAvg BIN PriceAvg BIN SavingsAvg Bid PriceAvg Bid SavingsTrend
1Windows 7 Ultimate Edition Full39,076$319.99$117.1463.39%$121.6961.96%
2Windows 7 Professional Edition Full22,840$299.99$170.7943.06%$123.4058.86%
3Windows 7 Home Premium Full19,999$199.99$137.7031.14%$95.9552.02%
4Microsoft Office 2010 Professional19,217$499.99$110.6377.87%$134.8573.03%
5Windows 7 Professional Edition Upgrade11,193$199.99$104.9247.53%$83.8658.06%
6Norton 360 50 3 PCs9,015$79.99$34.8356.45%$31.8960.12%
7Microsoft Office 2007 Professional7,308$299.99$89.9370.02%$88.5370.49%
8Windows 7 Home Premium Upgrade5,434$119.99$92.2623.1%$98.3118.06%
9Mac OS X version 10.6.3 Snow Leopard2,615$29.99$24.9016.97%$20.2832.39%
10The Sims 3 Generations1,837$39.99$22.1044.72%$18.6653.34%
11Windows 7 Ultimate Edition Upgrade1,700$219.99$143.4834.78%$111.8249.16%
12TurboTax Deluxe Federal + e-File + Sta1,344$59.95$28.2952.8%$8.1486.41%
13TurboTax Deluxe Federal E-file State 21,031$59.95$41.2431.2%$29.1351.4%
14Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3470$299.00$152.0249.15%$99.0766.86%
15QuickBooks Pro 2011423$229.95$133.3941.99%$137.3740.25%
16Adobe Photoshop Elements Premiere Elem385$149.99$52.8564.76%$46.7268.85%
17Adobe Photoshop Elements 9327$99.99$46.2453.75%$47.9852.01%
18TurboTax Home Business Federal State 2319$99.95$78.5721.38%$70.5229.44%
19H&R Block At Home 2010 Deluxe Federal305$44.99$20.9753.38%$4.9788.96%
20TurboTax Premier Federal + e-File + St298$89.95$43.8651.24%$15.8182.42%
21McAfee AntiVirus Plus 2011240$29.99$10.3165.62%$5.8080.67%
22TurboTax Premier Federal State 2011233$89.95$62.2330.81%$50.4543.91%
23TurboTax Deluxe Business 2010191$129.95$76.8440.87%$42.6467.18%
24TurboTax Basic Federal E-file 2011182$29.95$12.9356.84%$9.0269.87%
25TurboTax Deluxe Home and Business 2010108$99.95$19.4580.54%$20.2579.73%
26H&R Block At Home 2010 Premium Federal106$64.99$34.2347.33%$5.3491.78%
27Kaspersky Internet Security 201187$79.95$22.2572.17%$19.9575.04%
28H&R Block At Home 2010 Premium & Busin76$79.99$46.7541.54%$11.7785.28%
RankTop ProductsAuctionsList PriceAvg BIN PriceAvg BIN SavingsAvg Bid PriceAvg Bid SavingsTrend
1Windows 7 Professional Edition Full1,050$299.99$146.8751.04%$154.8948.36%
2Microsoft Office 2010 Professional1,034$499.99$128.4774.3%$153.9669.2%
3Windows 7 Ultimate Edition Full914$319.99$124.5461.07%$138.1756.81%
4Windows 7 Home Premium Full708$199.99$139.5430.22%$95.6552.17%
5Norton 360 50 3 PCs676$79.99$31.4160.73%$29.7462.82%
6Windows 7 Home Premium Upgrade548$119.99$82.8330.97%$120.50-0.42%
7Windows 7 Professional Edition Upgrade528$199.99$113.0243.48%$87.2056.39%
8Microsoft Office 2007 Professional518$299.99$102.0865.97%$104.2665.24%
9Mac OS X version 10.6.3 Snow Leopard272$29.99$21.5428.16%$19.2835.7%
10Windows 7 Ultimate Edition Upgrade156$219.99$173.8320.98%$152.4930.68%
11The Sims 3 Generations135$39.99$18.4653.84%$16.5958.51%
12TurboTax Deluxe Federal + e-File + Sta65$59.95$37.7736.99%$5.2991.17%
13TurboTax Deluxe Federal E-file State 259$59.95$38.7535.36%$27.0154.94%
14H&R Block At Home 2010 Deluxe Federal30$44.99$25.2243.93%$0.9997.79%
15TurboTax Premier Federal + e-File + St23$89.95$32.7563.58% - -
16QuickBooks Pro 201121$229.95$98.3757.22%$116.8549.18%
17Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 318$299.00$78.5573.72% - -
18TurboTax Deluxe Business 201018$129.95$107.0617.61%$20.5084.22%
19Adobe Photoshop Elements 918$99.99$55.3344.66%$41.0058.99%
20Kaspersky Internet Security 201112$79.95$22.8571.42%$16.6779.14%
21TurboTax Basic Federal E-file 201112$29.95$18.3938.59%$10.5264.87%
22TurboTax Home Business Federal State 211$99.95$79.3620.6% - -
23Adobe Photoshop Elements Premiere Elem11$149.99$70.2553.16%$44.0070.66%
24TurboTax Premier Federal State 201111$89.95$74.4817.19%$57.6635.89%
25TurboTax Deluxe Home and Business 20108$99.95$24.2475.74% - -
26McAfee AntiVirus Plus 20115$29.99$9.4468.51% - -
27H&R Block At Home 2010 Premium Federal2$64.99$27.5057.68% - -
28H&R Block At Home 2010 Premium & Busin1$79.99$39.9550.05% - -
RankTop ProductsAuctionsList PriceAvg BIN PriceAvg BIN SavingsAvg Bid PriceAvg Bid SavingsTrend
1Microsoft Office 2010 Professional207$499.99$117.0076.59%$137.9072.41%
2Windows 7 Home Premium Full138$199.99$146.8526.57%$86.2456.87%
3Windows 7 Ultimate Edition Full135$319.99$137.9056.9%$155.1451.51%
4Windows 7 Professional Edition Full121$299.99$132.3455.88%$133.1955.6%
5Norton 360 50 3 PCs112$79.99$31.6460.44%$34.9256.34%
6Microsoft Office 2007 Professional106$299.99$100.6266.45%$95.8368.05%
7Windows 7 Home Premium Upgrade66$119.99$122.68-2.24%$87.4627.11%
8Windows 7 Ultimate Edition Upgrade61$219.99$130.6640.6%$115.0047.72%
9Windows 7 Professional Edition Upgrade57$199.99$88.7855.6% - -
10TurboTax Deluxe Federal + e-File + Sta3$59.95$39.9033.44% - -
11TurboTax Deluxe Federal E-file State 23$59.95$43.2327.88% - -
12The Sims 3 Generations1$39.99 - - $22.0944.76%
13Mac OS X version 10.6.3 Snow Leopard1$29.99$30.00-0.03% - -
14TurboTax Deluxe Business 20101$129.95$25.0080.76% - -



PersonPopularity %Trend
1.Elvis Presley67.36%
2.Michael Jordan42.82%
3.Marilyn Monroe40.27%
4.Madonna 34.18%
5.Michael Jackson32.99%


AthletePopularity %Trend
1.Michael Jordan42.82%
2.Derek Jeter24.56%
3.Mickey Mantle20.60%
4.Nolan Ryan20.08%
5.Ken Griffey20.01%


PresidentPopularity %Trend
1.Barack Obama14.49%
2.George Washington13.53%
3.Abraham Lincoln11.28%
4.John Kennedy10.37%
5.Ronald Reagan8.01%


Bid Price (BID)

A Bid Auction is where a seller sets an opening price for a product and potential buyers opt to win the product by offering a higher price (bid). This bidding process moves the price up and at the conclusion, the highest bidder wins the item.

Buy It Now Price (BIN)

A BIN auction is where a seller sets a fixed price for the product and a buyer can choose to pay this price and immediately win the item.

In some instances the buyer can make an offer below the fixed price giving the seller the option to accept and close the sale.


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