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3 letter domain names

Buying domain names is not a simple science. Buying "3 letter domain names" is a far more complex science especially with the .com extension. If you are buying domain names as investments it is a lot easier because you do not have to be emotional about your decisions. A few years back I was out with my friend and we were going to start a website called BeMoreWeb or I thought why not create a network of websites like and do The shorter domain name allows you to create a better subdomain naming convention. It looks better to do instead of It then hit me that the domain I wanted would be impossible to buy because it was owned by the car company and why would they want to sell it unless I bought the company. I then tried to research how to buy a domain name that was 3 letters or less and that was a .com.

3 letter domain name auctions

When buying an iPad 16GB on eBay you know you are probably going to pay around $450 to $470. Looking at the chart above I sampled 1,000 recent 3 letter domain name sales. If you wanted to buy a 3 letter domain name you could spend anywhere from $1,000 to $1,000,000+. If you were looking at "3 letter domain name auctions" a domain name like that recently sold would cost you $1,600,000 or looking at another recent sale would cost you $3,250. Looking at the chart above almost 64% of the sales are between $2,500 and $10,000 and if expanded to $25,000 it jumps up to 87%. If you really wanted a 3 digit .com domain and only had a $160 you could buy a domain name like

.com vs .net

.com extensions are by far the most popular extension. With the recent sale of I noticed on eBay that the domain name was selling for $39,000 or best offer. That is a mere 2.5% of the .com domain name. It just shows you that .com extensions are far more desirable. It is also thought that .com domain names index better on google. Another similar example from eBay is a domain name that sold for $9.99 and another domain name selling for $1,000. The .net extension with a similar spelling sold for 1% of the similar .com sale. If that example doesn't work for you a fair comparison could be made for selling for $9.99 and selling for $1,500.

Below are 50 recent .com sales and the sale price:

Domain Mix $1,600,000
Alpha $365,000
Alpha $175,000
Numeric $157,500
Alpha $125,000
Alpha $124,568
Numeric $100,000
Numeric $99,000
Alpha $96,000
Alpha $95,000
Alpha $85,000
Alpha $85,000
Alpha $85,000
Alpha $80,000
Alpha $75,000
Alpha $75,000
Alpha $75,000
Alpha $75,000
Alpha $75,000
Alpha $65,000
Alpha $63,000
Alpha $60,000
Alpha $60,000
Alpha $58,500
Alpha $55,000
AlphaNumeric $55,000
Alpha $50,000
Alpha $49,000
Numeric $47,000
Alpha $45,444
Alpha $43,222
Numeric $41,000
Numeric $40,000
Numeric $40,000
Alpha $38,501
Alpha $33,001
Alpha $31,000
Alpha $31,000
Alpha $30,500
Alpha $30,200
Numeric $30,000
Alpha $30,000
Alpha $29,500
Alpha $29,000
Alpha $28,055
Alpha $28,001
Alpha $28,000
Alpha $27,502
Numeric $27,135
Alpha $27,000



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Bid Price (BID)

A Bid Auction is where a seller sets an opening price for a product and potential buyers opt to win the product by offering a higher price (bid). This bidding process moves the price up and at the conclusion, the highest bidder wins the item.

Buy It Now Price (BIN)

A BIN auction is where a seller sets a fixed price for the product and a buyer can choose to pay this price and immediately win the item.

In some instances the buyer can make an offer below the fixed price giving the seller the option to accept and close the sale.


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